The Future is Bright celebrates the discovery and possibilities of DNA. Since DNA provides the code of life for nearly all living organisms, scientists have been studying DNA and the human genome (complete set of DNA) for decades, leading to an ever-growing genomics industry.

DNA Day is celebrated on April 25th, but at Illumina, we celebrate it all month long. Engage your students using this central resource for activities and events. Get started below!

How do I get started?

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DNA Day Activities
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San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering
DNA Day Events
  • Skype a Scientist with your class
  • San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering
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Did you know?

Your DNA could stretch from the earth to the sun and back approximately 600 times.
Every human being shares 99.9% of their DNA with every other human. Of the 3 billion base pairs in the human genome, only 0.1% are unique to us.
You also share 85% of your DNA with a mouse, 40% with a fruit fly, and 41% with a banana!
You also share 85% of your DNA with a mouse, 40% with a fruit fly, and 41% with a banana!

About Illumina

At Illumina, our mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. By delivering breakthroughs that redefine what’s possible in genomics, we empower visionaries around the globe to uncover answers and make life-changing advances. The results of these efforts are all around you—they’re present in the care you receive, the decisions you make for your family, and the food that you eat. Together, we can use genomics to build a stronger world for the greater good.

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