DNA Day is celebrated on April 25th, but at Illumina, we celebrate it all month long. Engage your students using this central hub for activities.

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Hands-On Student Activities
  • Order a DNA Extraction Kit
  • Build a DIY DNA Extraction Kit
Skyping a scientist with laptop
Career Chats
  • Host a chat with an Illumina employee
  • Explore Careers in Genomics
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More Resources
  • Free DNA extraction kits
  • Classroom activities by grade level

Together let’s share the code of life!

Looking for free classroom activities? DNA Day is coming up next Month and our partner, illuminainc, has lots of free lesson plans, DNA kits, events, and more—a great way to inspire future scientists! 🧬⁠
Sign up here: LINK IN BIO⁠
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Bionerds had a great time with IlluminaInc in our DNA class last Friday! Thank you for joining us!

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Spent the morning teaching middle school students in Washington DC about DNA and led a strawberry DNA extraction with them! illuminainc sent out strawberry DNA extraction kits to teachers at no cost to almost 600 educational groups, reaching over 40,000 young learners! Classrooms  only needed to be able to connect with Illumina employees virtually and students provided the strawberry. #illuminaproud #Genomics4All #dna #genomics #biotech #stemeducation
The illumina geneticists are here!  Learning about genetics. Awesome sauce. You should be here!  lmsnation #genomics4all
Miss Nicole will be doing STRAWBERRY DNA EXTRACTION for her May 5th Science Bytes video. Big thanks to usasciencefest and illuminainc for partnering to provide us with supplies that we can distribute to our young scientists. Just call either BPL location (bplct.org) starting April 26th to schedule a curbside pickup of your kit. Then watch Miss Nicole’s video starting on May 5th to get instructions for the project. One kit per child. Adult supervision recommended for the project. #science #genomics #genomics4all #internationaldnaday #scienceiscool #scienceforkids #bloomfieldct
Who is ready for tomorrow?  MEEEEEEEEE. lmsnation #genomics4all
April 30th: Come celebrate DNA Day
Bionerds has partner with Illumina to teach students and teachers all about genomics. This FREE LIVE and INTERACTIVE online class is all to celebrate DNA. Registration comes with a FREE Supply Kit.
Celebrate DNA🧬 Day this April with a genomics experiment at home!

Join us as we extract DNA from a strawberry🍓. The activity will be led virtually by two Ilumina local scientists. 🥼🙌🏽

Participating youth (grades 2nd-6th) will receive a kit with all of the supplies needed to conduct the experiment at home. After the activity we will have the opportunity to learn more about the scientists🔬 research with a demo and a conversation about their careers. 

To reserve a spot please fill out the form. Link in bio!🔝

#TheFutureisBright #Genomics4All


¡Celebre el Día del ADN 🧬este abril con un experimento genómico en casa!

Únase a nosotros mientras extraemos el ADN de una fresa🍓. La actividad estará dirigida virtualmente por dos científicos🥼🙌🏽 locales de Ilumina.

Los jóvenes participantes (grados 2º a 6º) recibirán un kit con todos los materiales necesarios para realizar el experimento en casa. Después de la actividad tendremos la oportunidad de conocer más sobre la investigación de los científicos🔬 con una demostración y una conversación sobre sus carreras.

Para reservar un lugar, favor de llenar este formulario. Link en el bio 🔝
And then here it is maginified 100x under a microscope. Can you smell the nerd?  lmsnation #genomics4all
Strawberry DNA!!! It’s working!!! lmsnation #genomics4all
Bionerds has partnered with IlluminaInc to host a FREE, LIVE, and INTERACTIVE online session. Join us on Friday, April 30 from 3:00-3:45 pm with their educators to learn about DNA! Registration to this class comes with a FREE DNA extraction supply kit for K-12th graders.

Click the link in the bio to register!

#socal #biology #orangecounty #biologyclass #STEMeducation #STEAMeducation #genomics4all
Calling all #k12teachers! Our presenting sponsor, illuminainc, is offering two FREE SkypeaScientist sessions during Festival Week! "Unlocking Careers at Illumina" & "Curious Genes." Check out this week's newsletter for registration links: https://conta.cc/2R0ibKb. #lovestemsd #genomics4all #scicomm
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DNA Decoded: Curriculum for High Schools

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